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h 12,00
  • Departure
  • Stop at Panarea in the Calajunco Bay for a bath.
  • We proceed towards the port to visit the town.
h 15,30
  • We leave again for a tour around the islets of Panarea (Dattilo, Lisca Bianca, Basiluzzo)
  • We move our route towards Stromboli with a stop in Ginostra for a bath in a wonderful, crystal waters inlet.
h 17,30
  • Arrive in Stomboli
h 19,30
  • Appointment on boat to move towards the Sciara del Fuoco to admire the Vulcan’s eruption.
h 22,00
  • Expected return in Lipari.
© PH Luigi Nifosì

Panarea-Stromboli (with crater climb)

h 14,00
  • Departure from Marina Corta.
  • Stop for a bath in the Bay of Calajunco.
  • After following the coast we proceed towards Stromboli.
  • Disembark in the town where the guide will be waiting for you to accompany you to the top of Stromboli.
  • The total duration of the Stromboli climb is about 5 hours, plus one hour to admire the volcanic eruptions.
  • Suggested equipment: trekking boots, battery operated flashlight with extra batteries, long pants, two shirts, a jacket, a liter of water.
h 00,30
  • Expected return.